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 MailWizz - Email Marketing Application

MailWizz EMA is a comprehensive email marketing tool with user-friendly features and efficient functionality. It empowers you to effectively manage email marketing for your specific needs and even kickstart your SAAS business as a bulk Email Service Provider. Thanks to seamless integration with payment gateways like Paypal, MailWizz makes billing, pricing plans, promotional codes, and order management effortless for your customers.​

MailWizz stands out as a remarkable newsletter system, unparalleled in its performance. Its swiftness is unmatched and offers an extensive array of features typically available only at premium costs. Moreover, it benefits from ongoing development and has earned a strong reputation with excellent customer support. Remarkably, all of this comes at a highly affordable price. Countless businesses trust and depend on MailWizz, making it a thoroughly tested and reliable system.

After installing MailWizz, you get unlimited resources!
You can also send unlimited email campaigns (newsletters) to a total number of lists containing unlimited subscribers.
If you handle newsletters for multiple websites, you can treat them as customers.

The system allows you to use ANY SMTP server to send your newsletters, PHP mail, send email, or directory pickup, or you can use Mandrill, SendGrid, Amazon SES, SparkPost, MailGun, DynEmail, or LeaderSend for that.

MailWizz allows you to choose bounce servers to process bounces automatically, but what’s more interesting is if you use platforms like Ses, Mandrill, Amazon, etc., for email sending, MailWizz does bounce/complaint/abuse processing automatically.
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